Free Mastering Sample

Thanks for getting in touch about getting a free mastering sample. We’re keen to hear your music!

So How Does This Work?

  1. You fill out the form below with your details so I know who is asking for the mastering sample and what your song is called. This means I can let you know when it’s done.
  2. You upload your .wav or .aiff file (sorry .mp3s won’t work) through the form below.
  3. I will master a portion of the track (1 – 2 mins), export the sample and upload it for you to listen to and let you know when it’s done.
  4. Depending on the volume of samples I’m doing, it generally take 2 – 3 business days to come back to you. Banana Llama Studios operates 8am – 4pm AEST. If you need a sample quicker shoot me an email at and let me know what your situation is and I’ll see what we can do.

Ready to get started? Fill out the form below and I’ll make a start.

(If the form says please wait – check the upload status in the footer of your browser – sometimes the audio file can take a while to upload. Thanks for your patience.)