Would you like to get feedback on your mixes? Like to find out what sort of things we did to your mixes in mastering?

Whilst attended mastering sessions are still something artist, producers and mix engineers can do, sometimes time and distance doesn’t allow for this. On the other hand, sending yout tracks off and getting them back a few days later without much communication about the project isn’t ideal either.

This is why we came up with the idea of a mastering breakdown video to allow you to understand the process and get valuable feedback on your mixes.

How Does It Work?

  1. You book your track in for mastering and indicate whether you’d like a mastering breakdown video.
  2. Luke masters your track and sends it through for you to approve.
  3. Once the track is approved, Luke will talk you through the mastering process for the track showing you want he did and why he did it in simple easy to understand language. He will also offer you feedback and advice on your mixes.
  4. This video will be uploaded and available for you to watch once your masters are fully paid for.

Mastering breakdown videos are usually no longer than 15 minutes. Our hope is that you will understand better the process and purpose of mastering as well as glean valuable advice for future projects.

Need more information, call Luke on 0424 579 416 or get a mastering quote.