We love working with people from all around the world and Luke can master you songs where ever you are in this musical world.

If you’ve tried online mastering before you might have had a variety of experiences (hopefully positive). At Banana Llama Studios we want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your masters and your mastering experience. Whether you’re a seasoned musician, veteran mix engineer or a producer making tracks in your bedroom and ready to release them to the world we’re here to serve you and your tracks.

Is Online Mastering Worth It?

It’s a funny question but people ask it so we’ll answer it. In a word – YES – online mastering is worth it. But why?

Online mastering (like traditional mastering) makes your tracks release ready. We prepare your tracks for whatever medium you are releasing your music on whether it’s streaming, download, CD or vinyl.

Mastering is that final stage to make bring the best out of your songs and make sure that they are comparable in quality to other commercial releases so it is definitely necessary and definitely worth it.

What Is The Best Online Mastering Service?

There are thousands of mastering engineers all around the world so which one is the best? I don’t think any mastering engineer would claim to be the best as mastering is an artistic service as much as it’s a service to make you music ready for release. It’s like asking who is the best painter in 2019?

There are lots of opinions and because mastering can often be quite a subtle process it’s easier to rely on personal recommendations. When it comes to online mastering services you do a search and there are pages of people offering online mastering so you naturally ask, which is the best service to go with?

I think the best way to tell is to use your ears. Listen to samples of their work with headphones or good speakers (note: laptop speakers and your phone speaker are not good speakers for listening to masters properly). Even better still, ask them for a free mastering sample of your track. This is something we do so you can get an idea of how your project will sound.

How Does Online Mastering Work?

These days all mastering is generally done the same unless you’re actually attending the session. In truth for musician who is getting their music mastered, attending a session (unless you’re an audio nerd like us) can be like watching a mechanic service your car.

How online mastering works with us:

  1. Get in touch with us so we can talk with you about your project, how you’re hoping it will sound and any questions you might have.
  2. We’ll give you secure access to our upload area where you can upload your final mixes for mastering. This will be the same place where you’ll download your finished masters or mastering sample so keep your login details handy.
  3. Once your tracks are uploaded we’ll send you an invoice for a 50% deposit of your total mastering amount. You’ll need to pay this before Luke will start mastering your songs.
  4. Luke will master your mixes keeping in mind the conversation you’ve had about the project. This generally takes 1 – 3 business day depending on Luke’s workload. We’ll let you know the estimated time that your mixes will be available.
  5. Once your masters are finished they will be uploaded to your secure area on our website and we’ll let you know. Your masters will have a watermark on them which will be removed once your final payment is made.
  6. Hopefully the masters will be exactly what you were hoping for and you can get excited about releasing your project! If the masters need a little more attention you can get in touch with us and we’ll send over a revision form for you to complete with the details of what needs to be attended to. This is the best way to nail the masters the second time around.
  7. Once you’re happy with your masters and have paid the balance of the mastering fee your final masters in the formats you need will be uploaded to your secure area and you’ll be able to download them for release.
  8. Release your music to critical acclaim and excited fans!


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