We would love to help mix your single, EP or album project.

Our in house mix engineer, Luke Garfield, offers your mixes 16 years of recording, producing and mixing experience both in Australia and the US. He has worked on music projects from a wide variety of genres including:

  • rock
  • alternative
  • metal
  • indie
  • pop
  • country
  • folk
  • electronic
  • dance
  • hip hop
  • musical theatre
  • big band
  • soundtrack
  • ambient

Our goal is to help make your mixes sound the best they can. This means genre specific mixes i.e. they suit the style and genre of the track as well as being clear and of a commercial standard.

Online Mixing Costs

All costs below are per song. Stems refer to individual instrument tracks or merged groups of instrument tracks.

  • 1 – 8 tracks/stems $300
  • 9 – 16 tracks/stems $400
  • 17 – 24 tracks/stems $500
  • 24+ tracks/stems $600

If you have a bigger project such as a double compilation CD or a 48+ stem song etc. call us or contact us via email to work out a suitable price.

How Soon Will I Have My Mixes?

Generally we can turn around a mix for

  • a single song = 4 – 5 business days
  • EP = 2 – 4 weeks
  • Album = 4 – 6 weeks

Of course this all depends on other studio commitments at the time you get in contact with us. However we would recommend allowing an extra week (maybe two in the case of an album) to allow for any revisions and making sure you give the mixes a good listen on a number of different audio players.

Mix Revisions

The prices above include 2 revisions to mixes. This allows you to listen to the mixes on different music systems (iPhone/iPad, iDevice Dock, car stereo, home stereo etc) for a day or up to a week and make notes on some tweaks that might need to be made. After two rounds of feedback you should have the mix you were looking for. If you do have any tweaks after this point those revisions will be charged at a rate of $55 per hour prorated.

The Process

  1. Contact us about your project so we can answer any questions and be sure that we understand your requirements.
  2. We will send you an invoice for you to pay for your tracks to be mixed (we accept payment via Credit Card through PayPal).
  3. Prepare your tracks for mixing (see below)
  4. Upload your tracks to Box, Drop Box, Google Drive, your own FTP servers etc
  5. We will download your tracks and get to mixing unless we need any further clarification.
  6. Mix sent to you via SoundCloud for you to audition and check on different sound systems.
  7. Any revisions sent to us by yourself
  8. Revisions made and final 24bit .wav file ready for mastering sent to you.

Preparing Your Tracks For Mixing

Please ensure you follow the process below to avoid any delay in the mixing of your project.

  1. Make sure any edits are made and cross-faded. Solo and check cross-fades to make sure they are clean.
  2. Remove any compression, panning, EQ, effects from each track. If there is a track with effects, compression, EQ or Automation that is key to the sound of the track you can leave these effects on. Get in contact with us if you’re not sure.
  3. Bounce each track individually our bounce a stereo track of grouped parts from 0 seconds so each part has an audio file. Bounce mono tracks as mono files and stereo files as stereo.
  4. Label each file with a descriptive name e.g. kick-out.wav, kick-in.wav, snare-top.wav, snare-bottom.wav etc.
  5. Create a text file with any mix notes, mix reference suggestion (songs you feel your or any other relevant details
  6. For each song group all files into a folder with the song name. Compress this folder to a .zip file.
  7. We have a custom upload area which we will send you a link to upload your files to with your invoice.

Do you need mastering for your project? See what your options are …