There is a lot of “noise” to cut through on streaming platforms. You need to give your songs the best chance they can to stand out. Great songs, recorded well, get above the noise when they are mixed and mastered well.

Don’t Let Your Songs Become a Spotify Skip.

You’ve spent hours writing and recording. You need to give your songs the best chance they have to cut through the noise.

  • Mixing that suits the song and makes it sound polished and professional.
  • Mastering that makes your mixes stand up and shine when compared to other releases.

This will give you professional sounding music that you’re confident and proud to release.

Give Your Music The Attention It Deserves

Sometimes it can feel like a grind to get your music heard. I get it. That’s why you need your recordings to sound the absolute best they can.

If your mix is 🔥 you’re over half way there.

I am a songwriter and this drives my approach to mixing and mastering. I know your songs need to stand out so people love them, listen to them and become fans.


I would highly recommend using Banana Llama studios for mixing and mastering. We recently had one of our songs mixed and mastered by Luke and he did a fantastic job.

We recorded the song in our home studios in Sydney and sent the files to him on the Gold Coast. He was very professional and very quick to respond to our emails. I was amazed with the quality and attention detail and the price!! Great value for money. We are really happy with the results and will be sending all our future tracks to Luke.

Brendan Morello (Band: The Humans Are Dead)

Mixing & Mastering Samples

How Does It Work?

Get in touch about your project. I want to know all about it so I can give it what it needs.

I’ll mix and/or master your song/s until you’re happy with them. It’s really that simple.

I’ll send you all the files you need to release “stand out” music for your fans and fans to be.

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