Banana Llama Studios is owned and operated by Luke Garfield (find out more about Luke and his songwriting projects).

As a “bricks and mortar” studio BLS has been around since 2011 however Banana Llama Studios’ history stretches back as far as 2000 when Luke recorded his first band at a little farmhouse he was renting outside of Lismore.

Back then it’s name was “Fresh Out Studios” (as in “Fresh Out of the Oven”) but a friend suggested that it wasn’t a particularly flattering name and so Luke left that idea behind somewhere in the early 2000s. As Luke freelanced at other studios and gathered studio gear  to start setting up his own “portable” version of a studio the name Banana Llama Studios seemed to emerge as a fun “working title” that stuck*.

Since that time Luke, working out of various versions of Banana Llama Studios, has recorded, produced, mixed and mastered music in Australia and the US (Nashville, TN) working in whatever dwelling he found himself in. Sometimes it was a basement with a creek only steps from the door, sometimes a spare bedroom but regardless the goal was always to turn out the best music possible regardless of the location.

In 2011, now settled on the Gold Coast, Australia, Luke proceeded to design and build a permanent and purpose built studio space for Banana Llama Studios.

In 2022 Banana Llama Studios moved to a picturesque farm on the Sunshine Coast. The studio now keeps busy with mixing and mastering clients from Australia and around the world as well as being a production studio for Luke’s own musical projects.

If you’d like your project or song to have the best possible treatment – we’d love to hear from you. Contact us online or call Luke: 0424 579 416

*For those playing at home: Bananarama combined with the Llama from Pearl Jam’s album “VS” is the best explanation Luke can come up with for the name. The cute little half-llama half-banana illustration was designed for the studio by a friend.

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