Have you’ve been recording music using GarageBand?

Maybe you’ve tried to mix your songs yourself, applied some presets but it just doesn’t sound right. It certainly doesn’t sound like a finished song that you’d hear on Spotify or the radio.

Your GarageBand songs can sound professional.

With mixing and mastering you can transform your GarageBand songs into songs you’ll be confident to show people and even release to Spotify or other streaming platforms.

Luke Garfield at Banana Llama Studios

Hi, I’m Luke Garfield.

I’ve been a music producer for over 20 years both in Australia and the United States. I’m also a songwriter so I also understand the desire to want to show people your music but only when it “sounds right”.

It’s definitely possible to commercially release your GarageBand songs IF they are professionally mixed and mastered. This is where I can help take your songs and turn them into release ready songs you’re proud to show people.

Before & After Mixing & Mastering Samples


Country (Before)
Alternative Electronic (Before)
Pop Ballad (Before)


Country (After)
Alternative Electronic (After)
Pop Ballad (After)

Happy Clients

Yes! I love what you’ve done with it. You’re a master.


Wow!! You obviously put in a lot of thought and effort and it really shows in the beauty of the final result.  We love love love your work!  


You have done a great job on the song like usual loving your work. 


How Does It Work?

Getting your GarageBand songs mixed and masters is actually really easy.

I can work with your GarageBand files directly which means it’s as simple as uploading them to DropBox, Google Drive or our own upload facility

  1. Get a mixing and mastering quote. We’ll talk about your ideas for the song and how you’d like it to sound.
  2. Send me your GarageBand files so I can mix and master them.
  3. I send you a test master of your song. Once you’re happy with it you get a final version you can release or share with people.

FAQs About GarageBand Mixing

What do when you mix my song?

Mixing the song is where I bring all of the individual sounds together and help give each sound it’s place in the stereo mix. I might EQ to correct or enhance a track. I might compress a track to help it sit better in the mix. I’ll apply reverbs and delays where they are needed to help give the song depth. Each song is different and will need different treatments to help all of the parts work together as a whole and this is what I do when I mix a song.

One of the big problems you might have noticed if you’ve tried to mix your own song is that is maybe sounds good on the headphones you’re using to mix but then sounds terrible through your Bluetooth speaker. One of things I am also doing when I mix is making sure the mix sounds goods through lots of different devices. This is called making sure the mix translates.

What do you do when you master my song?

Mastering is taking that stereo sound file – the mix that I’ve done – and fine tuning it so it sounds comparable to other professionally mastered songs. Having a great mix makes the mastered song sound so much better.

I will make sure there is enough bass and treble compared to other similar songs. I will make sure it’s loud enough when compared to other commercially released songs. I will make all the subtle tweaks that help put some polish on the mix to make it sound professional and ready for release.

I don’t know if my songs are good enough?

The best way to find out if your songs are ready for mixing and mastering is to get a quote and then include a link to a rough mix of your song.

(Find out how to export a rough mix in GarageBand). I can listen to your song and I will immediately know if the song is ready. If not I will let you know why it’s not and give you some advice on how to get it ready for mixing and mastering.

Do Professional Musicians Use GarageBand?

GarageBand has become a serious production tool for songwriters. Some songs that are being made in GarageBand are recorded well enough to be released commercially.

Generally these songs just need the finalising touch of a professional mix and master to get them sounding ready to release.

Mixing Vocals on GarageBand

Vocals are one of the most important elements of a song so it’s important to get them right. GarageBand offers some great presets to help tweak the vocal but mixing a vocal requires a few more tools and experience.

  1. The vocal needs to be recorded well. If you haven’t got a recording interface and mic you should check out this Focusrite Scarlett Solo package.
  2. Get a great take – seriously, don’t stop until the take sounds great without any effects on it. You want the timing to be right, you want the pitches to be accurate and you want emotion and feeling. If it sounds good played back raw, then you know it’s going to only get better with mixing and mastering.
Luke Garfield mixing a song

How Much Does GarageBand Mixing & Mastering Cost?

Think about it, you’ve worked on your tracks for months, maybe years. The song is sounding really good but you just feel like you can’t take it any further.

You’ve spent some money on a recording equipment but other than that it’s been your time and creativity that you’ve invested. You want to be confident that your songs sound professional enough before you show people or release them on Spotify or YouTube.

It makes sense to invest in your songs so they can sound the absolute best they can.

What’s that worth to you? Once you have a figure in mind, you’re ready to get a quote. 😉