Audio Mixing Services

Music Mixing Services

Have you been recording an album or EP at home or in another studio and want to give it to a fresh, creative set of ear to mix? We specialise in providing great sounding genre specific mixes which are clear and commercial. Our in house mix engineer, Luke Garfield, has worked on projects in a wide variety of music styles in Australia and the US. Genres Luke has had experience in:

  • rock
  • alternative
  • indie
  • pop
  • country
  • folk
  • soundtrack
  • ambient

Mixing Samples

"Waiting For Warmth" by The New (Rock Pop) Waiting For Warmth - by The New
"The Expert" by The Champion & His Burning Flame (Indie Rock) The Expert - by The Champion & His Burning Flame
"The War Song" by Archers & Thieves (Acoustic) The War Song - by Archers & Thieves
"Timing Is Everything" (Album) by James Haymer (Adult Contemporary, Country) Sample From Album - by James Haymer
"Let All The World Know" (Album) by Doug Mathis & 212 (Gospel, CCM) Sample - by Doug Mathis

If you’re genre isn’t listed we can still help you out. Contact us (use the form on the side) and tell us more about your project and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Why Spend Money On Mixing?

One of the things that surprises us the most is lack of investing time and money in mixing by artists and bands. Often the goal is to get into the studio and get the songs down but mixing is often left as an after thought. This neglect isn’t purposeful of course it’s generally just a lack of understanding about the recording production process or in some cases “wishful thinking” about what it takes to truly produce a great song, EP or album. A great mix can make a great track sink or swim (notice we said great track – an amazing song and decent recording is required).  Like any artistic process, mixing is a blend of experience and skill on the mix engineers part. Great artists make what they do seem easy but really they are standing on years of experience, mistakes made and corrected, skills built and refined and many other less obvious processes. That’s what you’re paying for when you have a skilled mix engineers work on your project. Don’t forget, you’ve spent a great deal of time and effort writing, recording and even producing your music so it seems crazy to skimp on getting an amazing mix.  We understand people are on a budget and we’re flexible when it comes to paying for projects but we hate to see (hear) a great track or project end up sounding mediocre or downright bad because of an artist or band not being willing to invest the right amount of money into mixing. If you’ve been umming and ahhing over the cost of mixing get in contact with us (0424 579 416) and we’ll give you the skinny on what you need to spend to get your tracks sounding outstanding.

Online Mixing

Not on the Gold Coast? Banana Llama Studios can still help you with your mixes where ever you are in Australia or the world with our online mixing services.